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Previous IOMC Conference Testimonials & Comments

In today's world, its not easy for everyone to travel leaving their work and studies aside, moreover, you need finance for travelling and not to mention the tedious visa procedures which take months!

I feel that holding an online conference is a brilliant idea saves the travel expenses and the visa nuisances!

WHY Attend IOMC 2010:
- It provides a chance for its participants to learn about the latest medical research.
- Gives an opportunity to communicate across the globe.
- Find partners for new researches.
- Win prizes ;)

I believe medical students especially will benefit by attending the conference as it not only provides new knowledge but will also give them ideas for future research.

Overall, a good medium for fresh talent to sprout!!

Humaira Kamil
Medical student
Dubai Medical College for Girls, Dubai, UAE
A Conference Students Board Member of IOMC 2010

IOMC has a great role in improving medical research worldwide by providing real-time interactive forum for knowledge interactions, dissemination, and augmentation. Very user-friendly, simple to learn & join the conference.

Professor Dr. Syed Tajuddin Syed Hassan
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

Well , IOMC is like any other conference you attend where you present your paper and listen to other presenters except in few special ways:

Firstly, you do it all in the comfort of your own place sitting with your laptop in front munching all along if you wish to,
Secondly, you can ask questions to the presenter, to the judge and to the fellow participants and give your comments.
Thirdly, you get to make new friends who share the same interest.
Finally you get your certificate as you get in any other conference.

Dr. Monica Gaidhane judge the papers, I came to know of the common mistakes the presenters make and how to avoid them.

That helped me present my poster in a better way in the next conference i attended.
I feel that unlike in other conferences i attend, IOMC is the one where i feel i am much more involved in every paper that is being presented.
Its worth the experience.

[P.S.: I remember having a small chat with shubhangi before she was to present her paper, even before she presented her paper, I did get an idea that her paper had potential and eventually she did win the best paper award. This could only happen in IOMC] .

About previous IOMC Conference (IOMC 2009) I should say that it was a very well organized informative interactive conference in a totally unheard of online format. It has a very unique role in improving the current medical research status because normally conferences has most of the participants limited to a region, here in case of IOMC there are no geographic boundaries.

Vivek Bansal
Final year Medical student
Armed Forces Medical College, India
Participant in IOMC 2009
A Conference Students Board Member of IOMC 2010



I think IOMC is an excellent initiative. I can mainly mention the general capacity to 'attend' a conference and interact on line without the issues of travel and accommodation as the strong points about IOMC.

Professor Dr. Carol Grbich
Department of Paramedic and Social Health
School of Medicine, Flinders University, South Australia


IOMC is a fantastic annual conference which takes place entirely online, and is a brilliant forum for medical students to meet other medics online and present and discuss their research findings.
Last Summer I organised a research project in Cameroon, and after writing up a scientific paper with our results, I submitted the article to the conference reviewers, who are a group of leading professionals who peer reviewed the paper. They suggested some changes to improve the article and after this, the article was published in the IJCRIMPH Journal. For first time publishers like I was, the conference organisers assisted me greatly to structure the piece and there is lots of help and advice to guide you through the process of writing a scientific paper, which can be daunting as a student.

George Collins
3rd year Medical student
University College London Medical School
A Conference Students Board Member of IOMC 2010

I want to command you for a job well done. You handle it all so well, very calm with all the mishap the we created and gracefully managing so many different personality around the world over www.
Job well done.

Shahrzad Bazargan-Hejazi,PhD
Associate Researcher, Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences
Semel Institute,
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Chair, Medical Student Research Thesis, Charles Drew University, College of Medicine

It was a very good experience and a new way in organizing such conferences which saves doctors time and money with no need to waste much time in preparation for travel and booking in hotels. Great thanks for your effort in organizing and running the activities of this conference.

Abdulrahman Aseem
Medical student
King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Thank you for the good exposure I gained since it was my first time attending such conference.

Siti Fatimah Zahra
Medical student
Department of Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine
University of Malaya (UM), Malaysia

I personally find IOMC when the second IOMC conference had been finished.
At that time I was starting to search for a topic for my research and I regret that I lost such huge infos that was passed during that.
It was surprising for me because everything happened in online environment so no difference between people from around the world and everybody can access the information on the websites.
But now, I'm proud to be one of the CSB members of this conference.
And I have one thing to say: that I will be happy to be around you my friends.
So join us.

Mojdeh Jamali
Medical student,
Arak Medical University, Iran
A Conference Students Board Member of IOMC 2010

IOMC Conference was very good and very helpful to get an experience from it. Thank you.

Abdulmajeed Alzakri
Medical student
King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
A Conference Students Board Member of IOMC 2010

It is one of the best online conference I ever came across and in fact I would say it is playing a significance role in improving medical research worldwide. This conference provides a strong platform for under graduates and post graduates.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Medical student, India

The conference was a very novel idea. I came to know about it very late through a friend and couldn't send my paper but next year I definitely would want to actively participate in IOMC 2010. Thank you so much.

Shilpa Tyagi
Medical student
SBHMC, Dhule, India


Dear friend
What I can say, in the beginning the idea of an On-Line Conference was really surprise for me, and for me such a person who the chance to travel to attend some of the International Conferences like in Egypt and Turkey, I know how much time, effort and cost. But this conference was a relief from all of that. and for me as a CSB member and also as I'm planning to attend it, it going to be great experience and I'm so excited about that. it also open a chance for me to be in contact with a really great and experts student and researcher. Which is consider a very rich source of learning. And I'm really grateful for them all.
We all no matter how much you got involved in many researches or you didn't even got the chance to be in one, I recommend you to be a member in the IOMC Forum and also to attend the Conference. In the forum you'll be able to see other students experiences, and also you'll have an answer for any question you have, since the manager and the team member are dedicating their time and effort to help any one with any question or help he need. that by it self worth the appreciation.
I'm still learning and I'll keep learning for all, since you have a rich sources. I'm really excited about the conference, and I think I'm a lucky guy to be a member in this great family, and also one of the best thing that might find in the website is it's really organized, and you'll find any information you need, and also even if you still have a question in your mind, their a great team to answer your questions..
In the End, I want to say is it was really a great experience to me, and still great. And I recommend any one who see this, to be an active member and to attend such a great event. and also to promote for it.. believe me, its worth it.

Best Regards
Hassan N. Mashbari
MBBS Degree, Jazan University
A Conference Students Board Member of IOMC 2010
Assistant of National Officer for Public Health (2009)
International Federation Of Medical Students' Association - Saudi Arabia
Local Member Organizer (LMO-R) of Jazan University (2008-2009)


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