Dr. Somprakas Basu graduate in 1990 from Calcutta University (MBBS), and postgraduate in 1998 in Surgery from Delhi University. He is now working as Lecturer in General Surgery at the Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU, Varanasi and is a member of 11 national and international professional bodies.

Dr. Basu has received 12 awards in MBBS including Gold medal in Surgery of Calcutta University, in 1990. He has attended 21 conferences, including two international conferences and presented 23 papers at various conferences. He is a guest faculty in 5 conferences/CME, and an instructor in Primary Trauma Care, Oxford, UK. Trained in Basic Life Support (BLS, American Heart Association) and Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS, Illinois, USA). He has been invited as referee in 4 international journals and holds office as Managing Editor of Indian Journal of Wound Management. He has published 26 articles in international and national journals and written one chapter in book. He can be contacted at sombasu@hotmail.com


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