Keynote Speech by Dr. Puneet Gupta in IOMC 2014 Conference

Title: Mind Maps - a learning tool for doctors    

Let us make learning fun. Doctors all over the world have to read heavy books and a lots of text. Revision is the key to remembering so much information and thus we make notes for the same. Traditional note making is a highly text based. Such notes do not stimulate all areas of the brain and thus learning is hampered.  Mind mapping was developed by Tony Buzan to stimulate all areas of the brain. Once application of Mind maps is to take notes. Mind maps involve the use of text as keywords, images,icons and associations in a way that brain understands and remembers things better.  This method of making notes should increase your memory retention and make learning fun. Hope you join me at IOMC 2014 for a introductory tour of Mind Mapping.   

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