Keynote Speech by Dr. Kamran H. Awan in IOMC 2014 Conference

Title: VELscope an optical diagnostic tool for the early detection of oral cancer.    

 Abstract:   Early detection and prompt treatment of oral cancer offer a best chance for cure. Oral potentially malignant disorders (OPMDs) are morphologically altered tissues which have greater than normal risk of transforming into a malignancy. Some may even contain microscopic foci of cancer at the time of diagnosis. Today a variety of OPMDs are evaluated and managed in primary care, despite the controversies on the terminology used and uncertainty of available techniques for their detection.   The level of risk of OPMDs cannot be easily quantified but because of the potentially fatal consequences that some may carry, it is extremely important for clinicians to remain knowledgeable and updated on the diagnostic and prognostic features. The difficulties faced in risk assessment require development of additional methods to diagnose and prognosticate OPMDs.   A variety of new and emerging diagnostic aids and adjunctive techniques are currently proposed or are available to potentially assist in the screening of healthy asymptomatic patients for the detection of otherwise occult oral cancerous lesions or potentially malignant disorders. VELscope is one potential device that may be used to facilitate the visualization and management of oral cancer and OPMDs.  

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