Dr. Yann A. Meunier is a corporate medical officer and a pioneer doctor and manager of clinical research and public health programs. As a former Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine in George Washington University  (1995-2001), Dr. Meunier is now a lecturer in Stanford School of Medicine and University of California San Francisco.  He is also been an assistant professor or lecturer at Rene Descartes University and Pierre and Marie Curie University. He is also the Health Improvement Manager for Stanford Health Improvement Program (HIP) at Stanford Prevention Research Center.

Dr. Meunier is an expert in Tropical Diseases, Emergency Medicine and Public Health with 25 years experience working in developed and developing countries e.g. in Africa, Papua New Guinea, China, Brazil, France (including New Caledonia), the USA and Singapore. Field experience with epidemics e.g. AIDS, malaria, dengue fever, SARS, Japanese encephalitis and meningitis.

Dr. Meunier is an advisor of the Government of Angola since 2003 in creating a global medical care project, and providing advice on public health, tropical diseases and preventive medicine issues.

He is fluent in English, French, Portuguese and West Indian Creole and has a working knowledge of Spanish.

Dr. Meunier is an Honorary Member of the Brazilian Academy of Medicine, and the Editor Manager for the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. He can be contacted at ymeunier@stanford.edu

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