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8th International Online Medical Conference (IOMC 2014)

International Online Medical Council (IOMC)

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Paper Submission (Call for Papers)

Paper Submission Deadline: February 28, 2014

Authors who have a Full Paper (or Case Report), can submit it for evaluation and review process. If accepted, it will be published in one of the conference peer-reviewed indexed Journals based on the decision of conference team and reviewers. To see a list of the journals click here.

Authors are encouraged to submit their Full Paper which must include a structured Abstract. Submission of Abstracts only is not welcomed.

Full Papers should be between 1500 to 5000 words in length.

Full Papers should be prepared according to this Template File >>

Submissions should be original and unpublished papers and must have not been submitted or been under review elsewhere. Case reports are also welcomed.

Manuscripts' Requirements

A title of not more than ten words should be provided.

A brief autobiographical note should be supplied including:
Full Authors' names
E-mail address
Contact details

 All submitted manuscripts should also entail a Structured Abstract, comprising of the following sections:

  - Background
  - Aim & Objectives
  - Methods/Study Design
  - Results/Findings
  - Study Limitations (optional)
  - Conclusion
  - Keywords

Tables and Figures should be included as part of the manuscript and should appear at the end (after References).

References should be according to American Medical Association (AMA) Referencing Style.

All papers should be emailed (as a word document [.doc or .docx] file) to



IOMC has a PUBLISH AHEAD system, which allows the publication of Accepted Full Paper in the indexed journals upon their acceptance and even before the conference dates. Therefore, early submissions are strongly encouraged.


International Online Medical Council (IOMC)