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8th International Online Medical Conference (IOMC 2014)

International Online Medical Council (IOMC)

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Testimonials & Feedback of Previous IOMC Conference Participants

We, in IOMC Team are proud to have the strong supports of our participants and members who have helped us improve the quality of IOMC Conferences with their constructive comments.

Below you can find some of the comments and testimonials that we have received by the participants of last year IOMC conference:

Very well organized!!! An excellent experience, which I will definitely recommend to others!!!

Daniela Gradil
Nottingham University / Royal Derby Hospital
United Kingdom

The strength of this IOMC is people from different parts of the world with different time zones can meet together without much investment in time and money to exchange their views, ideas, concepts and research findings. It enhances efficient functioning of the global research village. Thanks to the organizing committee, secretariat and International Online Medical Council for their relentless efforts in making this event annual.

Daw Khin Saw Naing
Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia

The conference is well organized.

Yan Huang
Indiana University-Bloomington, USA

Strong points:
Feedback after each speaker
Keynote Speakers

Try to group the papers according to some themes: cardiovascular research, neurology, hematology, and so on, if it is possible.

Associate Prof. Dr. Ioana Mozos
University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes”, Romania

IOMC 2011 conference is a very momorial moment to me. This is the first online conference i have attended. I was very happy to become the pannel of reviewer. The way of conducting the conference and the supportive staff were very good and helpful. There were participants in the conference from different countries which also makes the conference more memorable. I want to congratulate the IOMC 2011 organizers for the grand success of this program and i hope for the success of coming conference.

Dr. Prakash Adhikari
Consultant ENT and Head and Neck Surgeon, India

Everything was very good! It is especially pleasant that responsiveness of Conference Secretariat for all questions was immediate! The conference had very high level and it organization was excellent, except little changes in time of presentation. But it didn't spoil the impression of the conference!

Korneva Yulia
Smolensk Regional Institute of Pathology, Russia

The strong points of the conference were pre-conference. I liked the schedule of presentations, without delay.

Laís Alves
Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Brazil

well, it was very comfortable for me to attend IOMC at home. I remained in touch with the world of knowledge even at home along with attending my household obligations. Moreover it was very economical regarding travelling and accommodation. It was my intense desire to share my research work at an international forum which was fulfilled with the courtesy of IOMC.

Dr. Nilofer Amir
Health Services Academy, Pakistan

Having the ease to attend a conference right from the comfort of your home is temptating. The quality of the conference has been growing each year. Its been a pleasure to be a part of the team and I look forward to attend the conference next year.

Humaira Kamil
Dubai Medical College for Girls, Dubai, UAE


Public Health Impact Research Centre, Nigeria

1.The excellent response of the Secretariat staff via mail and online as well.
2. Very easy software /portal to handle - must confess ,was very apprehensive , as how to load my ppt , but happened so smoothly.
3. The evaluation committee for Abstracts and full papers , were very good, learnt , how to write 'Abstracts /full papers as per International standards, in a better way, when they engaged me to rewrite both my Abstract and full paper , before accepting it.
4. It was very interactive and never felt that was participating 'online'.
5. Moderators were excellent -specially Dr Monica's comment on Research Methods ' were superb on the final day.
6. Moderators were very supportive , as mine paper was slotted on penultimate day , on which day I was to participate one 'Reorientation program on HIV at STM , Kolkata .I requested to put me next day , and it was granted . Many thanks for that.
7. Evaluation of presentation was very 'democratic .


The idea of online conference is an excellent since this saves a lot of money and time. I was very impressed with the IOMC 2011 since the conference had very useful keynote addresses and valuable research papers. Another discrete advantage is that the articles are published in reputed indexed journals.

The IOMC 2011 conference organisers had performed an excellent job. They responded the e mails very promptly. Peer reviewers took a lot of pain to correct the submissions. The IT staff was very efficient in advising us to formulate our presentation. I really enjoyed my participation. My sincere gratitude to organisers

This is a good innovation. I would recommend this to my colleagues.

Dr M L A M Najimudeen
Melaka Manipal Medical College Malaysia

In on line conference , we have less stress than other conference

Azar Aghamohammadi
Islamic Azad university, Sari Branch, Iran

Strong Points about IOMC 2011:
1.Good preparation and scheduling the papers presentations and good maneuvering.
2. Diversity of the research papers presented.
3. Proper time of the conference.
I did like the logic and thoughtful Keynote Speakers.
I would like you to improve the facility of the good Online Communication during the conference, to prevent failure or any cutoff (between the presenter and the organizer), as it was happened in the 4th IOMC for few times.

Associate Professor Tarik Ibrahem Ali
HOD General Surgery, School of Medicine, UCSI University, Malaysia

Researchers from all over the world can meet together and exchange their views without being move to a conference site. This is the best thing about IOMC. It always not possible to attain a conference due to time and money constrain. IOMC is an excellent initiative considering this issue. More people can attend the future conference if registration fee is curtail down. It would be better to publish the abstract book earlier than event days, so that participants can know more detail about the topic of the presentation and can decide their appropriate time to join according to their interest. And it will also be more beneficial if all the presentation material are available, so that each can have the information regarding their topic of interest even if they miss the presentation due to any reason.

Dr. Mahbubur Rahman
Faridpur Medical College , Bangladesh

It was a very well organised conference . The papers selected for presentation were of good quality and discussion after presentation was also very informative. Conference organizers were very prompt & supportive.

Dr Rambha Pathak
Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine
MM Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Haryana, India

The time zones are very much according to the timings in most countries. The support by the IOMC Team is laudable. Enjoyed the Conference this year and hope to be a part in the coming years as well...

Neha Chandak

I have found IOMC so useful as it didn’t took lots of my time to attend it and also I could get oriented on its content so better, however it could have been so more qualified if the presenters have tried their work once more under supervision of IOMC.
Thank you so much

Sayeh Motaghi
Iran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

The online conference is a brilliant idea. Everyone I have mentioned it to have been very intrigued with the idea and a lot of my colleagues are planning to join it next year. The presentations went smoothly. The patient support provided by the organizers was excellent. It was altogether a very new and exciting experience. Wishing IOMC all the very best for the upcoming years. And I'm looking forward to participating in it again.

Neethu Mary Mathew
Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, India


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