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What is CiteAhead?
CiteAhead is a new service by International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health (IJCRIMPH) starting from May 2010 that allows accepted papers that have been assigned for publication in the forthcoming issues within the next months, to be published much earlier. In other words, papers under CiteAhead will be published in full format from few days to months prior to the real assigned time of publication.


Why some papers are published through CiteAhead and not published in the current  issue?
Each journal issue has a limited number of papers which is determined by the editors. If that limit has been already reached, we would publish accepted papers through CiteAhead to quicken the publication process and allow the citations to be made to them ahead of their real publication time. 


How can CiteAhead article be differentiated?
CiteAhead articles can be recognized by a the CiteAhead icon that appears beside their titles. The icon is:














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