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Socio-demographic determinants of Health care-seeking behaviour, self-reported illness and Self-evaluated Health status in Jamaica (32 Citations)
Paul Andrew Bourne
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Factors influencing hygienic practices during menses among girls from south India- A cross sectional study (30 Citations)
Shabnam Omidvar, Khyrunnisa Begum
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Nursing and Coping With Stress (25 Citations)
Marjan Laal, Nasrin Aliramaie
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Control and Treatment Profiles of 70,889 Adult Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Malaysia-A Cross Sectional Survey in 2009 (21 Citations)
Ismail Mastura, Boon How Chew, Ping Yein Lee, Ai Theng Cheong, Shariff Ghazali Sazlina, Haniff Jamaiyah, Syed Abdul Rahman Syed Alwi, Taher Sri Wahyu, Ahmad Zaiton
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Good Health Status of Rural Women in the Reproductive Ages (21 Citations)
Paul Andrew Bourne, Joan Rhule
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Severity of Menopausal symptoms and the quality of life at different status of Menopause: a community based survey from rural Sindh, Pakistan (17 Citations)
Nusrat Nisar, Nisar Ahmed Sohoo
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Molecular epidemiology of Multidrug resistant Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase Producing Klebsiella pneumoniae outbreak in a neonatal intensive care unit (14 Citations)
Parveen R Mohamudha, Acharya N Srinivas, Dhodapkar Rahul, B N Harish, S C Parijaw
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Liver Trauma: Operative and Non-operative Management (11 Citations)
Moosa Zargar, Marjan Laal
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Effect of Bacopa monnieri on Cognitive functions in Alzheimer’s disease patients (12 Citations)
Shishir Goswami, Anand Saoji, Navneet Kumar, Vijay Thawani, Meenal Tiwari, Manasi Thawani
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Knowledge and Attitudes toward Epilepsy among Malaysian Chinese (9 Citations)
Shahzad S Hasan, Wayne WG Wei, Keivan Ahmadi, Imran S Ahmed, Alen KS Yong, Mudassir Anwar
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