Journal of Psychological Abnormalities

ISSN - 2471-9900


A Case of Decreasing Self-esteem Score after Administration of OROS-MPH to a 10-years-old Boy with ADHD

Junichi Furusho, Yusuke Isozaki and Kumiko Matsuzaki

We reported a case of decreasing self-esteem score after administration of OROS-MPH to a 10-years-old boy with ADHD. Using ADHD-RS-IV score before and 3 months after MPH medication, his mother and the homeroom teacher did the evaluation and behavioral improvement was confirmed. They both agreed his behaviors that we actually observed in the examination room had been improved. We have simultaneously examined total QoL and scores of each six domains in the Japanese version of Kid-KINDLR (age 7-13) questionnaire before and 3 months after the administration of MPH medication by himself and his mother. Although evaluation by the parent was unchanged between two evaluations in this case, his own evaluation of QoL fell down after medication. The domains contributed in a major way to the total QoL decrement were self-esteem and family.

We surmised the self-discernment was explained that relationship between him and others could have become very clear by taking OROS-MPH. Although the self-esteem score of subjective self fell down, it became the almost same level as the scores of other children in the same age in Japan, and we think it is rather a normal mental development.