Journal of Forensic Pathology

ISSN - 2684-1312


A Proposed Model for Medico-legal Death Investigations Given the Critical Shortage of Forensic Pathologists: Strategic Directions for Zambia, Africa

Cordilia Himwaze

Many other developing countries in southern Africa, Zambia has a shortage of forensic pathologists. Unfortunately, the situation is not envisioned to improve in the foreseeable future due to resource constraints. Medico legal deaths are widely scattered to permit investigation by the few pathologists. General medical practitioners who conduct forensic autopsies are not orientated, a situation that is hazardous to the criminal justice system. Therefore, strategic directions are required to orient medical practitioners in medico legal death investigations until Zambia has an appropriate number of pathologists. To mitigate the critical shortage of forensic pathologists, the model will ride on the availability of general medical practitioners who practice medicine in the districts and far-flung areas in Zambia to conduct forensic autopsies. General medical practitioners remain a feasible option in the administration of justice, public health, and vital statistics.