Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


A Report on a 7-year Follow up of the Surgical Management with PRGF?- ENDORET? of Oncologic Patients Affected by Intravenous Bisphosphonate Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

Marco Mozzati, Giorgia Gallesio1, Renato Pol, Giuliana Muzio, Rosangela Canuto and Laura Bergamasco

BRONJ is an important complication in bisphosphonate therapy that dramatically influences the patient’s quality of life and requires immediate intervention. The situation is worsened by the fact that its management is still an open issue, with no definitive standard of care. The aim of this paper is to present the short, middle and long term (7 years) results of surgical treatment of 32 BRONJ cases involving the use of PRGF®-ENDORET®. No intraoperative complications were observed; the short period freedom from light complications was 84.4%, with complete remittal in a few weeks; after 7 years the freedom from complications and need of re intervention is 100%. The freedom from onset of a new BRONJ on untreated sites was 100% up to 4 years after which decreased to 82%. The surgical procedure with the applications of platelet-enriched preparations can thus be considered favorably tested, having led to rapid osseous remodeling and to a satisfactory closure of the mucosa thus shielding the area from infection and reducing symptomatology.