Journal of Forensic Pathology

ISSN - 2684-1312


A Review on Chinese Forensic Scholars' Research into Estimating the Postmortem Interval

Wenhang Li*

One of the most important measurements of time since death is the postmortem interval (PMI). Crucial and typical inquiries in forensic medicine. scholars in medical law and In the past, forensic pathologists from all over the world investigated the estimation of PMI in great detail, and today, numerous unique techniques and cutting-edge technologies are used in the field. Chinese forensic investigators have likewise worked on the estimation for several centuries of the PMI, and a significant number of outstanding studies have been published in Chinese rather than in English, although these aren't as well-known or accessible outside. that's why we have reviewed pertinent studies released by Chinese forensic researchers in the recent decades. The objective of this review is to give a succinct overview of the current chinese forensic researchers have made progress in estimating PMI using molecular biology. The use of spectroscopy, entomological techniques, energy shifts, thanatochemistry, and other techniques.