Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


A Single Stage Surgically Facilitated Rapid Orthodontic Technique with Alveolar Bone Augmentation in the Treatment of Various Dental Malocclusions: Case Series

Neetha J Shetty

Background: Corticotomy when done on the bone over a root prominence can cause its demineralization, optimizing the response to applied orthodontic forces. This, when combined with augmentation of the alveolar bone can increase its volume and can also correct osseous dehiscences, and fenestrations over root surfaces. Here are cases that demonstrate the usefulness of periodontally accelerated orthodontic procedure in orthodontic treatment for the correction of various dental malocclusions.

Materials and methods: Orthodontic tooth movement combined with elevation of full-thickness flap, selective decortication, and ostectomy of alveolar bone, followed by bone grafting to accomplish the desired complete orthodontic treatment.

Results: The desired outcome of the PAOO as demonstrated by rapid tooth movement was observed in all the cases.

Conclusion: An efficient and stable orthodontic tooth movement can be achieved with the periodotally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics technique. With this technique, the teeth can be moved in one third to one fourth the time required for traditional orthodontics alone. Maintaining an adequate blood supply is an essential element in this technique as this is a physiologically based treatment consistent with a regional acceleratory phenomenon.