Dermatology Case Reports

ISSN - 2684-124X


Acquired Perforating Dermatosis Associated with Diabetes and Renal Failure: A Case Report

Meryem Khalidi, Rachid Frikh, Naoufal Hjira, Mohammed Boui

Acquired Perforating Dermatosis (APD) is an uncommon disease characterized by lesions exhibiting transepidermal elimination of collagen or elastic fibers. APD affects adults and is associated with systemic diseases, mainly diabetes mellitus and renal failure. We report a new Moroccan case of this rare entity. It is about a 62-year-old patient, followed for diabetes mellitus and renal failure under dialysis and who presented an extremely itchy rash, made of nodules with a keratotic center and associated with multiple scratching lesions. The skin biopsy showed a perforated epidermis with the removal of material containing keratin and collagen. The outcome was favorable with oral corticosteroids with a follow-up of one year. APD is a rare dermatosis that affects considerably the quality of life of patients. Its treatment remains suspensive pending the treatment of the cause.