Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


Analysis of In-vivo Cytotoxicity and Irritability of an Epoxy Nanocomposite

Ana Paula Basile Peçanha, Geraldo Alberto Pinheiro de Carvalho, Aline Batista Gonçalves Franco, Amanda Gonçalves Franco*, Agnaldo Silva Garcez Segundo and Sérgio Candido Dias

Objectives: To assess a high-performance epoxy nanocomposite through the analysis of in vivo accumulated irritability on the oral mucosa, and cell viability through in vitro cytotoxicity/biological reactivity in mouse cells.

Materials and Methods: Nanocomposite samples were manufactured in epoxy resin Araldite GY 260 using the hardener Aradur HY 951, a diluent, and carbon nanotubes previously dosed as reinforcement. The samples were then used in the tests.

Results: Cell viability test showed cellular growth above 70%, and an irritability index of 0.00, which is considered ideal for materials used with humans.

Conclusion: The sample was considered non-irritating to the oral mucosa and non-cytotoxic, rendering its use viable in dental prostheses.