Journal of Next Generation Sequencing & Applications

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Application of Next Generation Sequencing Technologies in Revealing Plant-Microbe Interactions

Ramesh Kothari, Ravindra Pal Singh and Vishal Kothari

Advancements in genomic (DNA and RNA) sequencing have dramatically accelerated research in the domain of host microbiome during current decade. Extensive application of next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies has identified the core microbiome of the human gut that is being used for improving health. Microbial communities of plant host have been recognized as a potential biological factor essential for shaping, acclimation, growth and health of the host. Nevertheless, we are far away to understand precise composition of the microbial communities and their function in the plant host. The purpose of this article is to highlight specific area of microbial - plant association that can be deeply analysed by using NGS and spectral technologies.