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ISSN - 2161-1076


Artificial Heart Oxygenator of Blood, Energyically Autonomous

Luigi Antonio Pezone

The artificial heart of man, proposed in this patent deposit, closes the circle of sustainable energy based on the only physical principle possible in every remote corner of the Earth: the bypass of the force of gravity and of the elastic pressure of the air that it can be realized everywhere, even in the man's chest, using pumps with the double supply separated until to the impeller, which science, industrialists and world legislators pretend to ignore in order not to admit that they have wronged the entire industrial and economic development. Everything would have been simpler, cleaner and cheaper if this invention had taken place a hundred years earlier, as it could have been. The artificial human heart is the miniaturized version of the autoclave system, already reduced, to make it enter the wells' shirts, to purify the water producing energy. Entering the chest of the man to purify the blood producing the energy needed by the brain is not much different from expected for the wells. They serve two mini parallel autoclave systems that replace the right and left atria ventricles . The two pumps that feed them, with the double supply separated until o the impeller, allowing the balance of the hydrostatic thrust in suction and delivery, allow to get the blood coming from the systemic circulation in the mini autoclave on the right and the one coming from the lungs in that left, bypassing the compressed air pressure. This system works autonomously because the mini autoclave ejects at the same instant the quantity of blood equal to the one that enters, due to the principle of impenetrability of the bodies, through a mini pump used as a turbine connected to a direct current generator. The energy spent by the pump motor is about a tenth of the energy produced by the generator. This allows us to have enough energy available to produce the amount of compressed air necessary to the autoclave and the management of an electronic control unit that with a three-word voice command: "rest, normal, fast" manages the flow and the blood pressure according to the physical activity that it carries out. Although it is the air pressure that circulates the blood in the pump used as a turbine, since the circulation is one-way, apart from air solubilized in the blood with purifying effects, there is no other consumption of compressed air because it is exploited statically and not even electricity to produce it.