General Medicine: Open Access

ISSN - 2327-5146


Burns: Definition, Classification, Pathophysiology and Initial Approach

Garcia-Espinoza JA, Aguilar-Aragon VB, Ortiz-Villalobos EH, Garcia-Manzano RA and Antonio BA

Burns are the most devastating form of trauma that has afflicted mankind since ancient times, its short- and longterm consequences leave severe squeal in the patients affected by them, the costs they generate to health systems are very high and it is counted At present with few hospital centers specialized in the treatment of these affections. The initial approach of the burned patient is fundamental in the survival of the patients, but also in the morbidity that they cause so it is essential to have a multidisciplinary team for its proper management. The main pillars in the treatment of burns are adequate water therapy, airway management and comprehensive surgical treatment of the patient as a final resolution, the following pages addresses the definition and general epidemiology of burns, pathophysiology and the initial approach.