Journal of Forensic Pathology

ISSN - 2684-1312


characteristics of head injuries caused by blunt objects through assessment of the rate of body damage at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine of Viet Nam

Nguyen Hong Long

Objectives: To study the characteristics of head trauma sequelae affected by blunt objects in subjects who come for the forensic clinical assessment at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine of Vietnam.
Subjects and Methods: Cross-sectional descriptive studies were performed on 91 subjects with head trauma to the National Institute of Forensic Medicine of Vietnam assessed from January 01, 2009 to June 30, 2018.
Results: Out of 91 subjects with head trauma caused by blunt objects affecting, the injury at the point of impact due to the catastrophe, there were 82/91 cases, accounting for 90.11%, 24.18% of the lesions are different from the point of impact, 5.49% of the damage of multiple locations, the breaken of the skull (5.49%), there are many severe cranial lesions that often occur in the manipulated person. 18.68% subdural hematoma, 17.58% subarachnoid hemorrhage; brain stamping caused by objects is 24.18%, the average change in Electroencephalogram (EEG) caused by objects is 15.38%; severe change in EEG caused by 1.10% material. Severe paralysis and average paralysis, is the result of blunt objects, meeting 6.59% and 2.2%, respectively.
Conclusions: the injury just below the point of impact is 90.01%; cerebral palsy (24.18%), subdural hematoma (18.68%), epidural bleeding (17.58%), subarachnoid bleeding (17.58%). The rate of nerve paralysis caused by blunt objects is 13.19%.