Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


Comparative Study of the Clinical Outcome of Retrograde Laparoscopic Appendicectomy Using a Single Polymer Clip for Complicated Versus for Non-Complicated Appendicitis

Basem Mohamed Sieda *

Objective To evaluate the clinical outcome of using single Hem-O-Lock polymer clip and compare technical feasibility of retrograde laparoscopic appendicectomy for complicated versus non-complicated appendicitis in adults. Methods A single institute prospective study of 78 patients presenting with acute appendicitis, Only 60 patients were eligible, 3 port retrograde laparoscopic appendicectomy were used in both groups and a single Hem-O-Lock polymer clip applied to secure the appendicular stump. The primary clinical outcome was the severity of pain at 1-7 days. Secondary outcomes included the duration of operation (minutes), procedure-related complications, conversion rates and length of hospital stay. Results Four patients (15.4%) were converted to open surgery, three in group I and one patient in group II. Four patients developed postoperative complications, three in group I and one patient in group II. Operative time was less in Group II. The difference in conversion rates and post-operative complication between two groups is statisticallynot significant with a P value> 0.05. Conclusion Retrograde laparoscopic appendicectomy using single polymer clip make easy access operating complicated as well as non-complicated appendicitis.