Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


Cushing's Syndrome Secondary to Adrenal Tumor in an 11-month-old Infant: Report of a Case

Benda Arcos-Vera* and Jose Cruz Ubias-Osorio

Cushing's Syndrome (CS) is rare in children and adolescents (10%). It is classified as exogenous and endogenous; dependent ACTH or independent ACTH, the latter with an incidence of 2 to 4 cases per million inhabitants per year; having its origin in tumors of the adrenal gland, which are rare in children.

Clinical case: 11-month-old male infant who attended a medical consultation for 5 days due to obesity, physical examination showed virilization data, high blood pressure, laboratory studies with elevated morning cortisol and normal ACTH, suspecting independent ACTH Cushing's syndrome, a simple abdominal CT was requested with evidence of adrenal gland dependent tumor of approximately 3.3 cm × 4 cm, so surgical management of right suprarenalectomy was decided, with postoperative admission to intensive therapy, being withdrawn on the 13th day of hospital stay. Histopathological report of adrenal adenoma; Follow-up was given to the outpatient clinic at six months with laboratory and cabinet controls without evidence of tumor activity.

Conclusion: There should be a broad diagnostic suspicion of Cushing's syndrome in pediatric patients, to correct the underlying cause that originated it and to reverse possible future complications.