Dermatology Case Reports

ISSN - 2684-124X


Cytodiagonosis of Cystic Nodular Hidradenoma Presenting as Thigh Mass

Prakriti Shukla, Shalini Tripathi and Medha Yadav

Nodular hidradenoma is an unusual benign adnexal tumor arising from the excretory duct of sweat glands. It usually occurs in elderly females and commonly involves the scalp, neck, trunk and extremities. Although it is diagnosed on histopathology, knowledge of cytological features can help in their early detection. Moreover, long standing undiagnosed cases can rarely turn into malignancy. Thus, it is essential to identify these tumors in advance to treat them timely. Therefore, we herein describe certain salient cytological features of nodular hidradenoma that occurred as a large nodular soft tissue mass on the right thigh of an elderly female.