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Delineating the Physiological Mechanism of Neurological Disorder using Next Generation Sequencing

Verma Pragya

An amalgamation of genetic status and environmental disruptions seem to be accountable for the outbreak of Major depressive disorder (MDD), Schizophrenic psychosis, and Bipolar disorder. Additionally, the pathological mechanism of the illness is hypothesized to be neurodevelopmental in nature. Recent studies of the nervous system mechanisms powerfully counsel that no single sequence or issue is answerable for driving an extremely complicated process. In a nutshell, these findings counsel that combinatorial genetic and environmental factors, that disturb a standard biological process in early phase of life, lead to molecular and histogenic outcomes that contribute to totally different biological process pathways and also the clinical constitution identified for accounting schizophrenic psychosis. In this paper we manifest about recent NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) technology which is widely being utilized in transcriptome and genome wide studies and is known to have great precision in finding key factors associated with neurological disorder