Journal of Psychological Abnormalities

ISSN - 2471-9900


Development and Instruction Relationship: Reconsidering the Issue

Nikolay N Nechaev*

The main subject of this paper is the issue of child’s development and its relation with instruction. Analyzing Vygotsky’s views on the problems meant by the issue the author justifies the necessity of some reconsideration. It mostly concerns the positions of some Vygotsky’s interpreters on the major factors determining development, instruction is among them. The terminological value of “instruction” is discussed in this connection as well as the forms of “pedagogically oriented” approach to development. Analyzing child’s joint activity with others as a factor of development the author represents his view on psychological mechanisms of development based on a resolution of contradictions objectively rising in a child’s joint activity. These are the contradictions between the modes of actions created by the child and his system of relations at the given period. Psychologically it is expressed in the changes of motivation directed to transforming either the child’s relations system or his modes of action. Some conclusions are made concerning the practice of instruction. It is supposed that the “developing” effect of instruction is determined by not so much its “technology” but by its adequateness to the motivational priorities of a child at a certain stage of his development.