Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


Duodenal Obstruction Linked to Duodenum Ischemia after Limited Local Surgery of Pancreatic Cyst Disease: A Case Report

Zhong Jia *,Ya-Feng Wan ,Jun Lu ,Zhi-Tian Li

Background: Cystic lesions of the pancreas are common and increasingly detected in Grade A hospitals. Majority of patients have accepted the limited local surgery due to a low risk for developing a malignancy. However, duodenal obstruction contributed to duodenum ischemia origin postoperatively is quite rare and difficult to treat. Objective: The potential causes of duodenal obstruction after surgery were analysised, and value of pharmacological treatments including Erythromycin was emphasized. Results: The upper digestive tract contrast radiography (UDCR) and enhanced-CT scan of abdomen revealed a narrow luminal cavity of duodenum especially its third part, and a remarkable thickened wall. The presentations removed completely after pharmacological treatments. No any complications including tumor recurrence and intestinal obstruction were found after 3-year follow-up. Conclusions: Erythromycin and Procaine allow for the therapy of ischemic duodenal obstruction.