Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


Giant Mixed Lipoma/Liposarcoma of the Thigh: Diagnostic Approaches and Surgical Management

Bertozzi E, Migliano E, Cristiani R, Mazzaracchio D, Visca P, Biagini R, Bucher S

A 58 years old male with a subcutaneous neoformation, localized at the medial surface of the left thigh, of about 30 cm in diameter, and which has grown larger, particularly during the last year is described. Clinical signs inclined towards a diagnosis of a soft-tissue neoplasm such as giant lipoma. Gigantic lipoma of the thigh are rare. These lesions are of interest because of their risk of recurrency following surgical excision, as well as their potential risk of malignant transformation. We present a case of giant, deforming lipoma with 5% of the mass resulted compatible with dedifferentiated grade III liposarcoma of the thigh, with emphasis on the diagnostic difficulties encountered, and the surgical management of the case.