General Medicine: Open Access

ISSN - 2327-5146


Health Care Systems and Resources Generation - Few Reflections from Some Western Countries

Shahzad Khan

Healthcare system is continuously changing and remodelling in both the developed and emerging economies due to many reasons such as increasing economic instability, demographic changes, inflation and unemployment. Under these circumstances definitely one of the major issues which are far complex yet of core importance is the generation of the funds and resources to handle the predicted health care needs of the societies. The situation in developed nations are different from developing nations because better health facilities in these countries itself create demands for more funds allocations and enhanced strategies. For example increased life expectancy rates means more aged populations requiring increased demand for health services. Modern and better technologies and newer effective medicines themselves require more finance allocation because of their increased cost. Persons on continuous drug treatment are also increasing to keep disease under control (Prevalence increased). This is true for many chronic diseases like AIDS, cancers, cystic fibrosis etc. All these examples generate augmented financial pressures which are the direct result of better health care facilities. Currently many Western countries practice distinctly different health care system where diversity in the method of funds generation is obvious. Out of these Single-payer health care, Universal Health Care System and compulsory insurance systems are of special note which are dominantly observed in most of the Western countries including USA, Canada, Australia and European countries. In this article the salient features of these systems in current scenario, along with few notes about its utilization to attain operational consistency is discussed.