Journal of Forensic Pathology

ISSN - 2684-1312


Impact of Anti-Sexual Harassment Assertive Program on Cairo University Female Nursing Students

Kotlyarov Stanislav Nikolayevich

Sexual harassment is repeated and unwelcome sexual comments, looks, or physical contact at workplaces, academic institutions and other places and is related to not only sexuality but also uneven power. Moreover, sexual harassment causes serious physical, mental and emotional problems to individuals, and may negatively affect occupational productivity, absenteeism, turnover, poor academic achievement, and effect on the students’ dignity. Knowledge on Sexual harassment empower the female nursing students to face such situation courageously. So that this study aimed to investigate the impact of a Developed Anti-harassment Assertive Training Program on equipping Cairo University female nursing students with assertive skills to face sexual harassment. Mixed research design divided to quantitative analysis (pretest and posttest single group type) was utilized in this study and qualitative analysis through thematic analysis of audio recording of participants activities, group discussion, and students’ responses in all twelve sessions. A purposive sample of 30 second level of female nursing students participated in this study; the study was carried out at faculty of nursing -Cairo university. Tools for data collection were: Demographic data sheet, Othman Sexual Harassment Questionnaire & Assertiveness Scale. The study showed that there was a highly significant difference between “Assertiveness scale” results for the study group before and after implementation the program. Also, there was a highly significant impact of total Assertiveness scale score on total score of sexual harassment. The study concluded that, nursing students expressed that sexual harassment was a major problem and traumatic experience that had significant long- lasting physical, psychosocial and social/occupational consequences on their health wellbeing. Therefore, anti-harassment assertive training programs should be involved in orientation phase of newcomers of nursing students at nursing academics’ institutions and the hospitals clinical training workplace.