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ISSN - 2327-5146


Information Found In Biology Textbooks on Infectious and Parasitic Diseases That Have Caused the Most Hospitalizations in the State of Goiás: A Study Case

Gonçalves RC, Favorito Machado AP, Barbosa Fernandes IL, Batista de Oliveira H and Guilherme Malafaia

The objective of the present study was to analyze the information found in Biology textbooks regarding infectious and parasitic diseases that have caused the most hospitalizations in the State of Goiás in 2015 (dengue, gastroenteritis, leishmaniasis, septicemia and tuberculosis). For the analysis, it was taken into account the importance of textbooks as didactic resources in disseminating correct, consistent, and up-to-date information. The basis for the identification of the above-mentioned diseases was the Unified Health System databank (Health Unic System– DATASUS). The following aspects were taken into consideration when analyzing the textbooks: structure, adequacy of the information, theoretical contents related to pro-learning and graphic elements. The results showed that the content in most of the analyzed textbooks was treated superficially, with omission of important details, summarized in charts or in very simplified texts. The aspects prioritized by these textbooks are related to transmission forms, symptoms or clinical signs, control of the diseases and prophylaxis. The most neglected aspects were epidemiological characteristics and social and economic impacts related to the diseases. The weak points are content and illustrations, being more evident misconceptions, information gaps, misspelling, outdated theories and missing graphic scales in the images. We conclude that a thorough review of the analyzed textbooks is necessary, in order to better contribute to the learning process regarding such diseases. This study also shows that it is necessary that the teachers be aware of the contents of the textbooks that have been used in teaching.