Journal of Psychological Abnormalities

ISSN - 2471-9900


Islamic Psychotherapy Approach In Managing Adolescent Hysteria In Malaysia

Fariza Md Sham

Hysteria which occurs among school adolescents in Malaysia causes adverse effects on social and psychological development of adolescents. This scenario is worrying because such occurrences also interfere with the teaching and learning process. Islamic psychotherapy has its own methods in dealing with hysteria to overcome adolescent psychological and spiritual problems. Hence, the purpose of this study is to determine associated factors hysteria among adolescents and the Islamic psychotherapy approach as an early intervention process to prevent this hysteria phenomenon form occurring in schools. This research is in the form of a survey study using questionnaire as research instrument. A total of 122 school teenagers in Selangor, Malaysia are selected as respondents in this study based on hysteria experienced. Research results find that the main factor causing hysteria among adolescents is the psychological factor and the method of managing hysteria is the religious approach. On the whole, this study finds that early prevention may be implemented using Islamic psychotherapy method through the process of tazkiyah al-nafs (spiritual purification ) and riyadah al-nafs (spiritual exercise).