Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


Kinesiologic Study of Shoulder Joints and Acromioclavicular Joint in Women Undergoing Unilateral Breast Surgery of the Type Mastectomy and Quadrantectomy

Antonia Bankoff

This study includes 20 women studied by simple goniometry with mean age 57.7 years, being 09 with unilateral quadrantectomy type surgery, 01 with bilateral quadrantectomy type surgery and 10 with unilateral mastectomy surgery. The mean operative time was 9.8 (nine years and eight months). The degrees range of motion in the shoulder joints (surgical and nonsurgical side) was performed using Goniometer FisioStore. For the statistical analysis we used analysis of variance (ANOVA) double-factor without repetition (p < 0.05) comparing the types of surgery and the operated and non-operated sides. The results showed significant difference (p < 0.05) between the operated and non-operated side for both joints studied and all studied movements. There was no significant difference in range of joint motion between the types of surgery (mastectomy and quadrantectomy). On the operated side the difference was always above 20 degrees. In the case of bending motion of the arm the difference between operated and nonoperated reached 40 degrees.