Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

ISSN - 2155-6156



LIPID Profile and Growth Indicators among Offspring’s of Diabetic Parents in Karachi, Pakistan

Meraj Rahim, Mariam Rahim, Masood Anwar Qureshi, Shaheen Sharafat, Zaman Shaikh, Munim Abdul Rahim and Mubashir Zafar

Background: Type 2 diabetes mellitus has become a universal problem. Globally 80% of lower and middle income countries are suffering from diabetes. Different studies show that offspring from diabetic parents growth indicators were disturbed the lipid profile and growth indicators. The objective of the study was to determine the levels of lipid profile and growth indicators among offspring of diabetic parents.
Material and methods: Cross sectional study was done. Total 180 subjects were recruited from Dow university of Health sciences and classified as both parents were diabetic (BDP), Single Parents Diabetic (SDP) and no parents were diabetic (NDP). The Growth indicators lipid profile was measured. The analyst concentration of Lipids was analyzed by The Roche Hitachi Analyzer 902 Automated Analyzer automatically .Fasting blood sugar levels was determined by glucose oxidase.
Results: Those offspring who gave history of diabetes in parents had their growth indicators and Lipid Profile were disturbed or raised when compared with non -diabetic parents. 25.6%, 5.6% and 5.6% of offspring belongs to Both Parents Diabetic (BDP), Single Diabetic Parents (SDP) and Not Diabetic Parents (NDP) respectively have obese. Similar lipid profile indicators also raised as More BDP and SDP subjects had high cholesterol (>200 mg/dL) than NDP (76.9% and 29.6% versus 10% respectively), More BDP and SDP subjects had high cholesterol (>150 mg/ dL) than NDP (23.1% and 2.8% versus 0% respectively). More BDP and SDP subjects had high cholesterol (>130 mg/dL) than NDP (76.9% and 29.6% versus 15% respectively).
Conclusions: Lipid profiles of offspring were related to diabetic parent’s history. Early screening and change in lifestyle modification can be a preventive intervention for the risk of developing diabetes in future.