Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

ISSN - 2155-6156



Magnitude of Hypertension and Associated Factors among Adult Diabetes Patients in Debre Tabor General Hospital, Debre Tabor, Northwest Ethiopia, 2019

Wondimnew Desalegn*, Sahilu Assegid and Mamo Nigatu

Background: Despite being preventable disease, globally hypertension is among top ten leading causes of death. Hypertension, which is the most prevalent and independent cardiovascular risk factor in the general population, is extremely common problem in diabetics. To date there was no study done in Debre Tabor General Hospital to assess the magnitude of hypertension and associated factors among adult diabetics.

Objective: assess the magnitude of hypertension and associated factors among adult diabetics in Debre Tabor General Hospital, Debre Tabor, Ethiopia, 2019.

Methods: The study design was cross sectional and 228 diabetics were selected by systematic random sampling method. Face to face interview and observation techniques were used to collect data. Data were entered into Epi-data version 4.4.1 and exported to SPSS Version 20 for further analysis. Descriptive statistics was used to summarize data. A bivariate binary logistic regression model was used to select candidate variables for the final model. Multivariable binary logistic regression analysis was used to identify independently associated factors of hypertension among diabetes patients. An adjusted odd ratio was used to assess association between variables and 95% Confidence interval was used for statistical significance.

Results: The overall prevalence of hypertension among diabetes clients in this study was 53.5% with 95% CI [47.7%- 60.2%].Urban [AOR=2.6(1.3-5.4)], having family history of hypertension[AOR=3.2(1.3-7.7)],suffering from overt diabetes for more than five years(AOR=7.5(2.7-21.4)], not controlled Fasting blood sugar [AOR=4.5(2.1-9.8)], not frequently consuming fruits[AOR=2.7(1.1-6.5)] not frequently consuming vegetables[AOR=7.9(3.6-17.2)]) frequently adding salt to food(AOR=3.8(1.1-13.8)] and body mass index(Kg/m2)≥25(AOR=2.9(1.4-6)] were independently associated with HTN.

Conclusion and recommendation: The prevalence of hypertension among diabetes patients in this study was high (53.5%). Therefore it is better to design strategies for diabetes clients to lower their blood pressure in addition to anti-hypertensive medication and home to home blood pressure screening program for diabetic patients should be considered.