Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


Microsurgery: A Useful and Versatile Tool in Surgical Field

Mahendra Singh and Ashish Saxena

Microsurgery includes various surgeries which are performed with the assistance of microscope and special miniaturized instruments. Almost all the subspecialties of surgery have benefitted by utilizing the techniques of microsurgery. It is used in tissue reconstruction after trauma or tumor resection to achieve a functionally and cosmetically superior outcome. It has also found application in precise resection of malignancies such as skin tumors and laryngeal cancers. Recent advances in technology have made microsurgery an efficient tool for surgeons to deal with various diseases. Despite having a steep learning curve, the advantages of microsurgery over the conventional surgical methods are unquestionable and include the cleaner and smaller incisions, lesser hemorrhage, minimal tissue handling and a closer wound approximation.