Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


Multiple Intracerebral Intraventricular Hydatid Cysts

Muhammad Amir Saghir*, Farhad Hussain, Muhammad Rafay

Introduction: Intracranial multiple hydatid cyst is a rare entity, caused by parasite Echinococcus granulosus. Patients are usually children and present with sign and symptoms of raised intracranial pressure. Excision of the cyst is treatment of choice. Case Description: This is a case of 7 years old child presents with nonspecific symptoms and diagnosed as multiple cranial hydatid cysts and underwent complete excision followed by medical therapy. Conclusion: This rare entity needs careful complete excision as rupture may cause a fatal anaphylactic reaction and need albendazole therapy. Keywords: Hydatid cyst of the brain; Multiple intracerebral Hydatid cysts; Intraventricular hydatid cyst of brain Abbreviations: GCS: Glasgow Comma Score; CT: Computed Tomography; MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging; ICP: Intra Cranial Pressure