Dermatology Case Reports

ISSN - 2684-124X


Nummular Eczema Associate with Augmented Mammoplasty

Chatchai Pruksapong, Chairat Burusapat, Kantang Satayasoontorn

Nummular eczema is coin-shaped lesions over of surfaces of the upper extremities. Majority of cases are young adult, etiology is multifactorial. Here, we present a case of 23-year-old woman developed nummular eczema after cosmetic mammoplasty over her surgical wound which is not have been reported before. In Our case lesions are getting worst after conservative treatment, finally we removed implants and continue with hydrocortisone cream 1% until lesions were subsided. Sections of right and left breast skin lesions reveal irregular epidermal hyperplasia with traces of spongiosis, exocytosis of inflammatory cells and focal orthokeratosis with mild parakeratosis.