Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


Pin Worm Causing Acute Appendicitis: Case Report

Rajesh Chaudhary *,Ankit Shukla ,Kulbhushan Sharma ,Atul Gupta ,Manju Bansal ,Kumar Saurabh

Vermiform appendix should not be considered a vestigial organ in human beings. It is a lymphoid organ which when inflamed causes serious trouble. The most common cause of acute appendicitis is obstruction of it’s lumen. Among all the causes of appendicitis Enterobius vermicularis is a rare cause. It is commonly seen in children. It mimics the features of acute appendicitis but may not always be responsible for acute appendicitis. Mostly pinworms are seen in the appendices after appendicectomy but there may not be any evidence of acute appendicitis. Antihelminthic treatment should be given to the patient after appendicectomy before the patient is discharged from the wards and all other family members should be given the same treatment.