Journal of Forensic Pathology

ISSN - 2684-1312



Yasmin Melo Aragão

The objective of the work, in the light of Behavioral Psychology, is to approach the results of a research in which it seeks to analyze the influence of the feminist perspective on the new structure of the Disney Princesses, because over the years, the Wall Disney Company has been adapting to the demands of a new public. The work develops the first, second, third and fourth wave of feminism, its origins and their respective purposes. In methodological terms, it consists of a qualitative research, analysis of film content, carried out from a bibliographic survey, starting with the Disney Princesses that were selected for analysis are: Snow White, Ariel, Mulan and Moana. The main authors worked on are: Breder (2015), Lins (2016), Moscovici (1978) and Skinner (2003). The importance of representativeness during childhood and adolescence is presented. Then, a content analysis of each princess selected for this work is carried out. It constituted a group with princesses within the characteristics of a wave of feminism. Studying modeling, a technique of behavior analysis, and Social Representation, it is possible to analyze the need for representation of children and young people. It is possible to conclude that there is a similarity between the waves of feminism and the evolution of Disney Princesses in the interpersonal, intrapersonal and environment context in which they are developed in their corresponding films.