Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


Ray Amputation for Macrodractyly of the Foot: An Effective Treatment in an Environment With Limited Resources

Kapay Kibadi

Macrodactyly represents a rare congenital anomaly characterized by distal limb overgrowth of all tissue elements. This should be distinguished from secondary digital/limb enlargement that occurs in vascular anomalies or as a result of other syndromes. Macrodactyly is defined by an elargement of all the structures of fingers or toes and characterized by hypertrophy of the bones and surrounding soft tissues in one or more digits. The aim of treatment is to obtain a cosmetic and functional foot. We present four cases of severe toe macrodactyly on which we performed ray amputation. Postoperative cosmetic and functional results were good in four cases. Ray amputation for macrodractyly of the foot is an effective treatment in an environment with limited resources.