Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


Replantation of a Multi-level Upper Extremity Amputation

Yefeng Yin, Xiulian Si, Jiangning Wang, Cui Jin and Zhao Chao

Multi-segmental amputation caused by machine is rare, multi-amputation injures is complex and difficult in operation and replantation. An 18-year-old boy presented with completely amputation of the right forearm, wrist and thumb. On admission, he had clear consciousness. The operation started 3 h after the accident and was carried out simultaneously by two replantation teams and three procedures under brachial plexus anesthesia (the right forearm team; wrist and hand team). The replanted limb, hand and thumb were survived well. Our case was unusual in replantation of severed limb. Our case stated a replantation of upper extremity with associated a very rarely seen multi-level type amputation.