Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


Retro-Peritoneal Liposarcoma: Diagnostic Difficulties and Therapeutic Attitudes

Daldoul S*, Zahaf B, Hamdi Ghassen E, Marwa B, Yacine Ben S and Mounir Ben M

Retro-peritoneal liposarcoma is a rare tumor which preoperative diagnosis and stagging are essential for planning its management.
Methods and results
Case 1: A 60-year-old woman complaining of jaundice. Ultrasonography and Computed tomography revealed a dilatation of the commun bile duct and the wirsung upstream of a tumor of the pancreatic head. The tumor involved the entire upper retroperitoneal space. The lesion was unresectable. A choledocoduodenal anastomosis and a biopsy of the lesion were done. Histo-pathological examination was indicative of a well differentiated liposarcoma. A post-operative chemotherapy has been done.
Case 2: A 75-year-old man complaining of abdominal distension. Ultrasonography and Computed tomography revealed a huge tumor that involved all the right retroperitoneal space associated with two intra peritoneal lesions. At surgery, a right hemi colectomy and a right nephrectomy were performed for complete resection of the tumor. The final histopathological report showed undifferentiated liposarcoma of the retro peritoneum.
Case 3: A 55-year-old lady who had six iterative laparotomy and iterative resections of a retroperitoneal liposarcoma. This attitude has prolonged survival over eight years despite five recurrences.
Total surgical resection provides the patient best chance for cure. It may extend to the adjacent organ for an R0 resection. Recurrences require multiple resections or multi organ resection.