Journal of Psychological Abnormalities

ISSN - ISSN: 2471-9900



Schizophrenia Symptomatology: Explaining the Role of Dopamine and its Etiological Significance

Rowena L. T. Kong

A previously atypical symptom report of a hospitalized patient experiencing unusual visual broadcasting has been documented but has received minimal attention in the research and clinical field of psychiatry. A preliminary hypothesis is proposed of an implicit mechanism of motivation for action and emotional relief functional significance of elevated cortisol and dopamine correlation, that is loosely based on the concept of stress-induced psychosis and which could have led to a concurrent "visual and thought" psychotic episode. In addition, the implication of the effect of increased dopamine on intracranial pressure and indirectly on cerebral perfusion pressure is briefly discussed. A follow-up on the insight and comprehensive understanding of such atypical and novel symptom as an extension of schizophrenia is warranted.