Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

ISSN - 2155-6156



Successful Treatment of Diabetes II in Adult Patient and New Prospects of Recombinant Vaccine and Recombinant Proteins Engineering In Situ

Michael V Tyurin*

Our aim was to find the efficient cure of Diabetes II in vivo.The selective medium was constructed to ensure, that only bifid bacteria would be isolated from the feces of the volunteer. The additonal work was needed to find the conditions of maintenance of the isolated cultures to ensure the adhesion of said cultures back to the intestinal epithelium of the host organism. The isolated strains of bifid bacteria were tested on their belonging to the species Bifidobacteriumbreve, which has been used prior to us as the probiotic. The recombinant strain of B. breve was constructed as we did that before using the genome tailoring technology. We reached the success with the complete cure of Diabetes II in the volunteer. We have proposed our technology for expression of the recombinant proteins for the future use, for instance, for the long term outer space missions, where the crew would be vaccinated by the same technology, if they feel they would need to do so during the discovery of the new planets, suitable for the relocation of the overcrowded Earth population there. We also propose our technology for use for any recombinant protein expression in the human body when that would be needed for a variety of clinical applications: use of the human intestine as the gate as the entry to the human body for delivery of the recombinant proteins. The application of our described technology economic value would be around $327 billion or above that these days.