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The Natural Bioactive Products against Scald in Barley

Naima Essouaadi, Fatiha Bentata, Aicha EL Aissami, Mustapha Labhilili, Hajar El ghiyati, Mohamed Benchacho

The biological fight with the antagonists became one of the most favorable alternative to the chemical fight against the fungal diseases. The rhynchosporiose is a foliar fungous disease met in all the Barley producing regions generated by R. secalis. The application of this method has involved using five herbs (Sygylium aromaticum, Alium sativum, Daphne gnidium, Artemisia herba alba and Eucalyptus.sp) in seven concentrations and two isolates originating in Khemisset and Gharb. The aqueus extracts of Sygylium aromaticum and Alium Sativum induced in vitro the total inhibition of two isolates of the pathogen from 20g/l and 100g/l respectively. The isolats inhibited by the two aquous extracts transferred to the culture medium alone did not come back to life. The effect of Sygylium aromaticum and Alium sativum on R. secalis is there fore fungicide. However, a decoction of Daphné gnidium induced a very significant reduction in mycelial growth of both strains. The percent inhibition of diametric growth reached 71.58% and 68.44% for isolate RS1 at the same concentration 140g/l.