Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


The Surgical Pathology Specimen Safety Study: Management Errors in the Operating Room

Semra Bulbuloglu, Fatma Eti Aslan and Meryem Yavuz van Giersbergen

Background: Surgical Pathology Specimen Management (SPSM) is a collaborative process essential part of patient safety in the operating room. Safe SPSM is important to providing accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for surgical patients.
Aim: The aim of this study is to observe the practice of SPSM in an education and research hospital.
Data sources: Recommended practices of AORN about SPSM was reviewed and a questionnaire form was prepared and conducted. One day survey of surgical pathology material is comprised of 4 excisions, 10 resections a total of 14 specimens in this study. Researcher were observed SPSM process that reported 25 cases.
Results: No process is used for SPSM by the hospital. Identification of patient and specimen information was being in an electronic format. Also, specimens have been held in a shelving unit at room temperature for about 20 to 23 centigrade degrees. Surgical specimen errors were defined in all stages of the SPSM process, in the intraoperative phase during specimen ordering (8%), labeling (6%), containment (4%), transport or storage (40%), and collection (8%). It was determined that the most common contributing parameters were mistakes in communication errors, staff carelessness, information deficit, and lack of policies/protocols issue.
Conclusion: The result of this study was reached scientifically evidence about SPSM process was proved insufficient conditions.