Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076


To Determine the Correlation between Acute Appendicitis and Positive Family History

Rami Oweis, Zaid Samkari, Zaki Qulaghassi, Omar Mustafa, Monatser Abu-shokor and Muhannad Qulaghassi

Morbidity and mortality are significantly associated with perforated appendicitis as compared to the nonperforated. The complications can be decreased if preventable measures are taken to avoid the delay in reporting patients to the health care services. To conclude, the correlation between acute appendicitis and family history is strong for the first and second degree, and clearly, it is more significant in patients who are below 30 years old. Clinically, it is believed that the family history of appendicitis may help the physicians or doctors in raising the index of suspicion of acute appendicitis.