Journal of Psychological Abnormalities

ISSN - ISSN: 2471-9900


Train to Seoul: An Observation of Passengers During COVID-19

Bojindra Prasad Tulachan*

With ever increasing cases and death tolls of COVID-19 pandemic across the world, the clinical science is at dilemma. However, very little is known as how people respond to various incidences in traumatic events or situations such as COVID-19. Thus, the objective of this paper is to investigate responses in behaviours and of psychology from critical juncture perspective of COVID-19 pandemic. In so doing, action-oriented research method of close observations for a month has been made in a subway train of South Korea. The analysis shows that the old domestic passengers and the foreign passengers have been double-othered, whereas others are single-othered in behaviors and of psychology in response to various incidences that occurred in the subway train, reflecting into extreme use of a bad word such as shikya, which means son of a bitch in Korean language. Further, this study will contribute to theory-building of social distancing of behaviors and of psychology, especially in context of traumatic events or situations.