Journal of Psychological Abnormalities

ISSN - 2471-9900


Understanding and preventing suicide

Salum Haji Hamisi*, Abdillah Kitota

Suicide has become a popular public health of concern. The trend of the event globally has been increasing over time. As it has been projected, there is one death in every 40 second on the earth. It ranked at 15th leading cause of death on the earth and highly affecting elders. This paper provided a broad understanding of the concept of suicide, the cause, and prevention of suicide. The main objective of this paper is to provide different understanding of the concept, causes and prevention of suicide globally. Documentary analysis methodology has been used as many papers, reports, research has been done in public health and especially about suicide. Many authors point psychological problems, sex, mental illness, physical illness, genetics and medication as causes of suicide. There are factors classified as the root cause of the suicide act. There is a view of having two ways traffic to the way factors causing suicide operate. This paper adopted and modified the Pressure and Release to indicates how suicide progress from root cause to unsafe life and ultimately to suicide act. As to say suicide act may root from distance cause of social-economic factor progressing and amplified by psychological problems, mental illness, physical illness, genetics and medication and finale unsafe life prevail. At the end the suicide act took place. To prevent the suicide act, the government, non-governmental organization, community-based organization and people around the world must solve the social-economic problem facing peoples on the earth. In addition strengthening personal relationships, strengthening personal believes; which include religious believes, and strengthening positive copying strategies must be encouraged in our society to get rid of suicide act.