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Mini Review - (2015) Volume 6, Issue 5

Childhood Obesity: World’s Messy Issue

Priya Kumar1* and Vilaas Raaj2
1Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Noida Region, Uttar Pradesh, India
2Department of Biochemistry, SV University, Tirupati, India
*Corresponding Author: Priya Kumar, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Noida Region, Uttar Pradesh, India, Tel: 8267970338 Email:


Childhood obesity remains a major cause of several diseases which requires regular physical work and healthy dietary supplementary to the children. This small survey shows that changed era changes the lifestyle of the children and they are keeping themselves away from the healthy and nutritious lifestyle which makes them obese and they become inactive in performing the different physical activities. A physical exam and some blood tests can rule out the possibility of a medical condition as the cause for obesity. Different chronic diseases will surround them and makes them weaker.

Keywords: Obesity, Diabetes, Dermal infections, Prader-willi syndrome

The terms overweight and obese are used to describe different levels of excessive body mass. Defining obesity in adults is usually accomplished by measuring their Body Mass Index (BMI) (defined as {weight (kg)/[height(m)]2}) and, if it is above a certain value, the individual is classed as obese. In children and adolescents however, this is not so easily done. This is because certain factors such as age, growth rate, and puberty have considerable influences on the rates of fat deposition and removal and, thusly, on the amount of fat that is required to be available at any given time. This has made creating an overarching standard for all ages that define being overweight and obese very difficult [1].

¨It has been seen that children below the age of 12 years are above their normal height and weight which is termed as childhood obesity. It has become a serious problem worldwide. Day by day we are seeing that the effect of junk food is clutching the kids towards them and leading the future into a worst disease like obesity. Obesity is considered as the mother of several diseases with their growing age like cardio disorders, inactivity, pregnancy disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, infertility, dermal infections etc. are the major disorders which occur due to obesity.

Children are said to be future of the nation and if the nation is found to be sick then we cannot consider that country as the healthy one. Obesity at any age leads to self-esteem and cause depression too which may also be the cause of self-slaughtering.

During this short survey it has been found that obesity in some cases are genetic too which can cause thyroid problems which will lead to different chronic situations like increase in muscle pain with the change in climatic conditions.

Diabetes is also a major factor of obesity and with the change of era it seems that children of very low age are suffering from diabetes either of Type-1 or of Type-2. Type-1 diabetes is generally found in children and youngsters too and was initially termed as juvenile diabetes. Near about 10% of people worldwide are suffering from type-1 diabetes only. In this the body stops the production of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is required to convert sugar, starches and other food into energy needed for daily life. With the help of insulin therapy and other treatments, even young children can learn to manage their condition and can pursue long healthy lives. During this study, I came to know from news that B.C government of Canada has discriminated a child suffering from Type-1 diabetes. According to BC government, parents allege standardized care plan which is putting the kid at a higher risk [2].

Diabetes occurs due to the development of insulin with in the body and its resistance leads to Type-2 diabetes. Lesser amount of insulin will not allow the body to regulate the blood sugar level. According to the World Health Organisation, maximum 85-90% population worldwide is suffering from Type-2 diabetes only. As being overweight or obese decrease the basal metabolic rate (BMR) of the body and makes the body helpless to fights with the foreign particles which increase the risk of diabetes like disorders. If a child loses its weight around 15-20 pounds then it can help the body to decrease the risk of developing type-2 diabetes [3].

Obesity can sometimes be traced to a medical cause, such as Praderwilli syndrome, cushing’s syndrome, and other diseases and conditions. From the last some decades it has been found that level of physical work in the routine of children has been lost and they just adapt to live inside the four walls only which cause them obese. It’s not only junk food make them obese but also the changed lifestyle.

Food is also a major factor in fat deposition in the body to make a person obese e.g. late night meal is a primary factor for this. Late night meal contains excess amount of starch and glucose which is fatal for the body and one should avoid this which introduce chronic challenges for the body which is not trained cronophysiologically to assimilate and metabolize nutrients [4]. There are some other reasons too which helps in gaining the body weight like doing continuously work without taking a break and ingesting the meal at the same place only. With typical physical work and dieting activity increase the BMI of the person at some extent in every decade and it has been noticed in Americans mostly [5]. All this results that people in this era have become so conscious about their lifestyle that they start ingesting those items which decrease their metabolic rate and gain in depression. People who do strict dieting to reduce their body weight which is not good for health causes malnutrition. Strict diet plans considered one an enemy of the food. Many people never think of doing the dieting and always do lots of workout and intake good nutritious diet which makes them healthy and controls the body weight too. Apart from this it has been observed that people from different parts of the world have different food intake and if one from other part will take that food then it will takes time to digest it [6]. A perfect diet makes the human body fit and keep him away from several disorders and other fat reducing related therapies. Liposuction is considered as a fat reduction therapy in today’s era but it also have several side-effect as in that also one is required to maintain the balance diet with regular exercise. According to Sagna Y et al. the obesity rate is increasing worldwide day by day with the time and change in era. Overweight and obesity in the present world leads to different disorders which directly affects the metabolic rate of the body.

According to a survey in 2008, it has been noticed that over 1 billion of people are suffering with obesity and are not taking care of their body as well [7].

The current study said that there are several myths related to the obesity in between Australian doctors, psychologists and community people. Health survey says that most of the cases of obesity have been seen in the people of USA and Australia. In 2011-2012, it has been indicated that the obesity prevalence was 63.4% compared to 61.2% in 2007-08 and 56.3% in 1995. Moreover, the recent studies indicate the rapid increase in obesity among the people. In short we can say that the obesity results to the excess of energy consumption relative to the energy expenditure. Eating disorders are the main reasons of being obese, as obese person when eat more will become more fat and then the tendency to lose the fat will get decreased. Moreover the fat person will feel asleep all the time and lazy too which does not allows him to work and he will remain be in the same posture [8]. Researchers have demonstrated that obese people intake higher proportion of fat and lower proportion of carbohydrate, when compared with the normal weight individuals [9]. It has been noticed in most of the cases that obese girl in the later age get knee pain because of being obese since childhood time [10]. To release the fat from the body most of the people go for strict dieting by smoking and taking drugs and by not taking the proper food most of the time which causes malnutrition in their body and due to which it will becomes weakens and all the energy molecules will lose their ability to work. This condition makes the person weaker and does not allow him to work and makes him inefficient too to do any other work. If nutrition will not be provided to the body then the person may become ill and because of not taking the proper food will again surrounded with several other nutrition related disorders.

Now-a-days obesity have become a prevalent healthy problem and considered as chronic disorder with the time as it is a main cause of every disease. Obese child in his early ages will be in the risk zone of cardio diseases where fat gets deposit in the veins and may also leads to the hazardous condition of the child [11].


This conclude that not only child but with the time changes eating habits are also changing due to which obesity causes different chronic disorders which sometimes may leads to death also. Thus, it is being suggested and advised to the people of every age group to do exercise and intake healthy diet as by taking regularly healthy nutritious diet and proper exercise can make the body of child fit and allow him to get rid from all types of diseases which are considered as the major factors of being obese.


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Citation: Kumar P, Raaj V (2015) Childhood Obesity: World’s Messy Issue. J Diabetes Metab 6:001.

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